Dexter Cattle Society NZ Inc. is an organisation run by volunteers who have an interest in developing the breed and ensuring that the development of the breed is managed professionally with clear standards and regulations. The Society is governed by a Council, which is ably supported by people across New Zealand who organise and run local events and activities.

The following tables detail the contact information for the Council, Officers and Area Representatives. Please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate person with any queries and we will work to respond in a timely manner.

Email addresses shown in the tables below are 'camouflaged' to prevent them from being harvested by Spam-bots.  Before using them, simply replace [at] with @.


Council Members

Contact Address Phone / Email Available?


Wayne Pettersson

137 Colletts Road
RD 1
Mangaroa Valley
Upper Hutt 5371

P: 04 526 3785
E: president [at]


Robyn Snelgar

92a Clevedon - Takanini Rd
RD 2
Papakura 2582

P: 09 298 1789
E: secretary [at]



Jillian Walst

1324 Bulls Road
RD 3
Kerikeri 0293

P: 09 407 1508
E: membership [at]



Grant Keymer

Taipuha Settlement Road
RD 1
Paparoa 0571
P: 09 950 3075
E: webmaster [at]


Bobbie Wisneski

  P: 021 1678751
E: webassist [at]
Luan Kloppers
543 Huihuitaha Road
RD 1
Putaruru 3481
P: 07 871 0559
E: treasurer [at]


Officers Outside Council

Contact Address Phone / Email Available?
Herd Registrar

Tony Houlbrooke

2537b State Highway 30
RD 2
Whakatane 3192
P: 07 3070082
E: herdreg [at]
Dispatch Editor

Maureen Pettersson
137 Colletts Road
RD 1
Mangaroa Valley
Upper Hutt 5371
P: 04 526 3785
E: dispatch [at]

Tony Cutten
179 The Coastal Highway
RD 1
Richmond 7081
P: 03 544 3222
E: research [at]



The Society takes any complaints raised seriously.  These are managed systematically to ensure that the fairest result is obtained and that the rules of the Dexter Cattle Society NZ are maintained.  The Society has two complaints officers who will investigate and report the findings to Council.  Complaints must be signed and in writing, and should be sent to the Secretary in the first instance.

Complaints Officers

Contact Address Phone Email
Colin Read 8 Whitemans Valley Road, RD 1, Upper Hutt 5371 04 526 5114 colinread2017 [at]
Julie Rush 463 Reu Reu Road, RD 9, Feilding 4779 06 3288893  




Dexter Cattle Society NZ Inc. is a national organisation and the country is divided into a number of areas.  Each area has its own representative and runs local events, discussion groups and open days.  For more information about what is happening in your area please contact your local representative. 

Area Representatives

Area Code Contact Phone / Email
Northland / North of Warkworth NL Inger Keymer P: 09 950 3075
E: inger [at]
North Harbour / Auckland NH Dayle Flannagan P: 09 427 5262
E: dartfarm24 [at]
Counties Franklin (Bridge to Bombay) CF Robyn Snelgar P: 09 298 1789
E: secretary [at]
Waikato WK Patsy Leek P: 07 829 9746
E: charming.stud [at]
Bay of Plenty BP Tracey Reid
Shirley Spick
P: 07 533 6259
E: dovey.reid [at]
P: 07 533 3808
Hawkes Bay HB Maureen Skilton P: 06 857 7267
E: skiltondairygoats [at]
Taranaki TK Vacant
Manawatu / Northern Wairarapa MW Sue Monk
Julie Rush
P: 06 358 5507
E: monkers [at]
P: 06 328 8893
Wellington / South Wairarapa WW Maureen Pettersson P: 04 526 3785
E: maureenandwaynep [at]
Nelson & Marlborough NS Sue Jones P: 03 572 7020
E: suerob [at]
Canterbury / West Coast CT / WC Marion Mangnall P: 03 318 7237
E: jimari [at]
Otago / Southland OT / SL Marion Read P: 03 486 1741
E: marionread [at]