Dexter cattle may be small, but when it comes to milk, meat quality, and disposition, the compact breed is a productive animal. Weighing between 300 and 350 kg, Dexters are reputed to produce more than 10% more milk per kg of live weight than Friesians, producing up to 10 litres of milk per day.  The meat is high quality, lean and tender.  Those who taste it always come back for more!

Dexters mature well and can be bred comfortably from one year old onwards.

The breed comes in three colors: red, black, and dun.  Many breeders have a preference for one colour or another, and often specialise in producing a particular colour.  Irrespective of colour, the breed has a calm temperament and can be easily halter-trained.  They are ideal for people with one or more acres.  As a rugged smaller breed, they thrive on rougher ground and are less hard on the ground than the bigger breeds — resulting in less pugging. 

Dexters are ideal for people who want lifestyle cattle, and the pleasure of producing their own meat!  Have a look at these mouth-watering photos for some examples:

The above photos are from butchering a 2-year old steer -- note the marbling.

The sausages shown below were made from the same animal.

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Below is a short video which illustrates the benefits of raising Dexters as compared to larger breeds of cows.