DNA Profile Ordering has moved online

IMPORTANT MESSAGE from Massey University...

In an effort to minimize the chances of errors at all stages, from specimen reception and registration onwards, we have changed to an on-line ordering system. Here is the link for future use:



  1. You will need to create an account but it is a simple process and will only take a minute to set up.
  2. You can use the field “Leg Band/ID” or “Patient Number” for the sampling date.
  3. You can submit multiple samples in one order.
  4. At checkout, please select the “Invoice (For pre-approved customers only)” payment method.
  5. When you’ve completed your order you’ll receive a confirmation of these details and an Order #.
  6. Samples/batches must be submitted with the relevant Order # attached.
  7. You can log-in to your account at any time to view your submissions and see when they’ve been receipted by our laboratory.
  8. Order confirmations are sent to your nominated email address, so you have that record on hand as well.

Hopefully this will make the process easier for you as DCSNZ members.